UniBeast, Making a Lion Clean Install USB Thumb Drive

Few days ago, a new Lion install method was introduced from Tonymac. It’s a program called UniBeast, that creates a bootloader + Lion installer all in one USB thumb drive on OSX 10.6.8 or above. (guys, it’s obvious that softwares aren’t free and the cheapest way to get Lion officially is through the Mac Appstore)

http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewforum.php?f=125 (Tonymac download link)

Before we get into UniBeast, I want to explain how to re-download Lion from the Appstore for the ones who already installed it.

If you launch Appstore and see the ‘Purchased’ tab on the upper menu, ‘Install MAC OS X Lion.app’ will be shown as ‘Installed’ and you wont be able to download anymore. but, if you click ‘Purchased’ while holding the <alt option> key on your keyboard, you’ll see the button changed to a darker gray color and you’ll be able to download it.

After downloading, check if the Install MAC OS X Lion.app file is in the Application folder, but do not run it.

Before we try out the new UniBeast, the first thing to do is preparing a USB thumb drive. (should be 8GB or larger) Then press <cmd + spacebar> to bring up spotlight and type ‘disk utitlity’ to launch it. If the disk utility is ready, go to the Erase tab and clean format it to Mac OS Extended (Journaled).  If the formatting is finished go to Partition tab and follow the next orders.

First, choose the thumb drive you want to use on the side bar. Then set the Partition Layout to 1 Partition. After that (important!) Click on ‘Options’ and choose MBR table. If everything is setup, click ‘Apply’. (you can name the thumb drive anything you want)

Finally, it’s time to run UniBeast.
I don’t have much to say about the installing process, but you should be careful when you choose the disk partition for installing UniBeast. The boot system in that partition wont be available anymore if you over right it.

If the UniBeast installation is completed, reboot and check if it’s working.

Press F12 and choose USB-HDD.

You can assume that the progress was successful if you see this symbol.

Now, boot to the Lion installer and Install Mac OS 10.7. After the Installation is finished you’ll have to boot through this USB again to boot into the installed Lion, and then run MultiBeast.


I think we can say good-bye to the SL Install disk at this point. The people who doesn’t want to dedicate there whole 8GB memory for this, can use the ‘Installer partition restore’ method as well for clean installation.


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6 Responses to UniBeast, Making a Lion Clean Install USB Thumb Drive

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  3. Jason says:


    I am finally be ordering the components next week or so.
    I want to make sure one thing before I order the USB lion thumb drive.
    Can I make unibeast bootable drive on 10.6.x, which is less than 10.6.8?
    My friend has one to sell so I want to buy it.
    Thanks for comment.

    • shunu says:

      I’ve never tried actually. but why would you want to do that? on a hackintosh, there is not one bit of a advantage to get a lion usb thumbdrive over the appstore version. but you can actually try it out though if you want.. if it doesn’t work, just upgrade to 10.6.8 and try again. it’s simple.. ;-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hello there. please, i need help on installation of os x lion 10.7.3 on my laptop. ASUS A43SV. After successfully installed message and restart, the keyboard was not detected, but the mouse is ok. so i cannot proceed to the set up proper. i am using a logitech wireless kb and mouse. i tried to take another usb kb but still it was not detected. what needs to be done in order for my kb to be detected? thanks

    • shunu says:

      Hi~ I’ve seen some of the usb keyboard issue on some of the hackintosh forums but unfortunately I never found any good answers. did you try switching ports? and are you sure that it’s not an hardware issue?

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